Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love your loved ones - while you can... :)

A third child has died as a result of yesterday's senseless act of violence. A high school student, frustrated by life, used a gun to express those frustrations, creating an abrasively abrupt end to three young lives surging with potential.

I'm a mother. Situations like this make me ill - physically ill.

We learned today that a business acquaintance could no longer deal with the stress of living his life, and chose to end his by calmly walking out into his backyard at the end of his workday, pointing a loaded shotgun at his head, and pulling the trigger.

No one knows what the next second holds. The longer I live, the more I realize how fragile the thread of life is. And when it breaks violently, it rips a multiplicity of hearts apart in its wake.

Hold your loved ones close.
Gaze into their eyes and tell them how much they mean to you. 
Hug your loved ones, arms tightly wrapped around their fragile bodies, while you can.

Make each moment of life count. The next... is not yours to claim.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wow. It's almost hateful how fast time can fly when you really don't want it to. I treasure the winter months for the occasional blizzard or, at the very least, ice storm or other temporary diversion to everyday normalcy that keeps everyone inside for at least a day or two when I can get caught up with all the stuff I've put aside simply because everyday life has gotten in the way of doing everything I want to do and don't have time to do...

except this year. This year the weather has been absolutely uncooperative with snow emergencies or otherwise and life has been progressively active to the extent where...

Where has the time gone to WRITE?  Yes, I do know. My life revolves around writing - writing for everyone except for myself - and much has been accomplished for all those I've head responsibility to write for. Except myself!

So, here are a few moments on a quiet Sunday night, as my cat is sitting lazily in front of me daydreaming cat daydreams, for me to pause...

catch my breath...

and wish - hope - wonder...

Where has the time gone this winter?

The more accurate question, I'm afraid, is: Are we going to have winter this winter?  Just one day - one nasty ice-snow-blizzard event so we can all walk away from what is called winter into the next realm of spring with something to complain about and one day in our recent memory banks to treasure because we got to enjoy being forced to be stuck at home to get all the stuff done we have to put off because we don't have enough time...

I'll wait and see... :-)

Or will this have to wait... until next year...?