Sunday, June 23, 2013


A six-word statement to ponder:
Situations don't have to be permanent. 

Situations that suck the joy out of life need to go. That's it. No one needs to wrap their arms around the negatives and keep them around like lead weights that DRAG the life out of your... life.

Been there? Done that? Can relate? I'm sure everyone can.

Been there? Done that? Can relate? I sincerely hope you're not right now. But, if you are, let's make this journey together as I'm supporting others who need to move forward. Contact me - let's look at what we're dealing with right now and make the commitment: #NotNextYear

It's not that I'm not thankful for everything I have. I'm very thankful. But I have some goals, and that's where my new mantra came from: #NotNextYear

Not Next Year. 

One year from today there are things that will be different, because the things I don't want to be dealing with that are in place right now will be history.

It's easy to create a #NotNextYear list. Maybe it's those stubborn 5 pounds that will NOT drop off and go away. You've tried to get them off but haven't gotten serious about it because... just because. 

My husband was relocated to another city, and I want him home. We considered relocating there. We could rent out our home, rent an apartment there, I could find another job, and we could be together. But... this is our home. I want him here - in OUR home.

For me, this has become a #NotNextYear target, even though his sense of honor and duty are keeping him moving forward in his current job situation as he continues to dread each new day. 

Oh yeah - those stubborn 5 pounds? They are off and will stay on the #NotNextYear list because I don't want them back.

So how do I handle my #NotNextYear list? I took a pen and wrote down each thing that was draining my joy tank onto a piece of paper:

  1. What is dragging down my own "happy score" and sucking my joy? What things am I not content with in my life right now? What things do I NOT want to have in my realm one year from today?
  2. I asked one question for each thing on the list: Is it controllable? There are some things I absolutely cannot do anything about EXCEPT take the best care I can to deal with them. I have pain from time to time and I've pin-pointed it to MSG sensitivity. I don't want that pain "as much" next year, but I'm not sure that I can completely eradicate it. IF I was unfortunately dealing with cancer (I'm not - thank GOD!), I could write down that I want it gone, yet I couldn't control that outcome. I could take steps to help take care of myself, so that's what I would make note of.
  3. Carefully scrutinize each item: What end result do I want? Where do I want to BE with each of these "pain points" one year from today?
  4. Now... the process. This is the painful part. So many times, it's hard to do the process to get to a result, even though the result is WONDERFUL.'s time to bite the bullet and prepare for some pain.

For each #NotNextYear item:
Write down "Where I am" on one side of the page and "Where I will be one year from today" on the other side. Down the middle of the page: Note step by step how to get from "I am" to "I will be one year from today", including a timeline. We're creating a list of goals, and goals need to be SMART:
  • Specific: Significant, Simple - What you will do, answering specific questions of "who, what, why, where, when, which"
  • Measurable: Meaningful, Manageable - How to track the progress and measure the outcome, so ask these questions: "How much?", "How many?"
  • Attainable: Appropriate, Achievable, Action-oriented - Each thing needs to be something feasible, even if it's lofty. Say what you will do, and what the result will be.
  • Relevant: Results-oriented, Realistic - Each thing may be challenging, yet make it relevant and realistic to make your life better by driving your "joy-score" higher.
  • Timely: Time-oriented, Time-based - Lay out your timeline and the "due date" for step that is part of accomplishing each #NotNextYear item.
I alluded to some of my #NotNextYear items. I don't have many, and I'm focusing on just a few that will make my personal life more in tune with what I believe God's best is for me and my realm. I don't believe God wants married people to live apart, especially when they love each other deeply and want to be together so: #NotNextYear. I'm laying out my steps now to make it happen. The 5 pounds will stay off because I won't be fighting this weight battle: #NotNextYear.

So consider: One year from today, what do I NOT want to have in my life that's here right now? What joy-busters need to be GONE so I can get some joy-BOOSTERS flowing again? 

One year from today. Don't live in fear that it can't be done. I consider myself small, but MIGHTY because my God is in control of my life - you can give Him control of your challenges too. Make the conscious decision today to set your plan in place to get rid of the attitude-suckers so you can say: