Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walking the talk I talk...

I love wandering online and discovering new places!!  
So many to find – to investigate – to communicate through!!  

Friday’s on its way, and it’ll be time to focus on the books – the systems – the work – and being the employee of integrity.  This is my personal code of conduct because…

I strive, as an employee and disciple of Jesus Christ, to:
  • Live a life consistent with my walk of faith. I will live in a manner consistent with the beliefs and values of God’s Word and pursue personal integrity in my personal and professional dealings.  I will uphold, in word and conduct, the teachings and principles of God as found in Scripture.
  • Have a sincere respect for company-owned assets. I will respect the property of my employer, including any intellectual property that is developed in the course of my employment.  I will use the property, facilities, and resources solely for the benefit of the organization, unless otherwise permitted or when financial compensation for such use has been arranged.
  • Have a sincere respect for colleagues. I will strive to privately and publicly respect and uplift my fellow employees.  I will refrain from intentionally placing another in a position of embarrassment, disrespect, or harassment.  I will honor the privacy and guard the safety of others.  
  • Maintain efficiency and attention on the job. The hours of my employment shall be devoted to the work assignments entrusted to me.  I will not use my employer's time for personal business or the advancement of interests unrelated to the work assigned by my supervisor(s).  I will not deprive my employer by entering into other employment or activities which will impair my performance while on the job.  I will aspire to greater efficiency and the reduction of waste in time, effort, and resources, and I will strive to set an example for appropriate work behavior to others. I will do my utmost to NOT give Satan any opportunity to gain a positive foothold through what I do or say.
  • Maintain an ethical environment in the workplace. I accept the obligation of maintaining ethical standards in my personal life and in the workplace.  I believe it is my personal responsibility to report, through established confidential channels, any behavior that is inappropriate or which undermines the ethical environment of the workplace and the company’s foundation and basis for existence.  I am prepared to be held accountable by my supervisor(s) and peers for personally professional conduct representing the spiritual, moral and ethical values of the company I work for and God Himself, to Whom I am ultimately responsible and accountable to. 


I. Love. Thursday nights.  There's something about the Friday-eve factor that's just plain happy!  Maybe it's because there's nothing on my schedule for Thursday night, and Friday is usually quiet in the office.  So Thursday nights my brain can slip into a zone that's a bit more peaceful, and there's time to think about what I want to think about...

and so tonight I'm chewing on...
Integrity.  Maybe it's because it's a concept that I'm very passionate about.  The term came up again today in the office, and descriptives such as transparency - character - honesty come out of my mouth as the meaning poured from my heart.

I love this definition:

Integrity gives you and me the ability to stand before anyone, anytime, at any place, and let them ask anything they want about our lives; and we can answer every question honestly, without being ashamed. (Pastor Dave Sharpes)

A person of integrity is the same person in private as they are in public.  A person of integrity is totally honest - anything less is a sham.  A person of integrity realizes there are moral absolutes even in a world of relative values.  A person of integrity has a responsibility to do what's right no matter what the crowd says.  A person of integrity can be trusted - totally.

I want to be - that person of integrity...

Sow a thought, reap an act.
Sow an act, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a character.
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confessions of a left-behind marketer...

Hello world!

Well, here I am.  Brave… in a new world.  A historical marketer in a whole new marketing realm – Social Media marketing.  I went to sleep in a field of poppies when I stepped away from my marketing life a few years ago, and now I find myself awake – at the gate to a Land of Oz.  It’s not that the whole realm of Social Media is totally foreign.  Oh no.  While living in the non-profit world during the past few years, administrating books, finances, risks, and systems, FaceBook has been my warm-and-fuzzy connective blanket to friends near and far.  LinkedIn became a place for me to stay connected to professionalism as I knew it – with people I could engage with on a higher business level.  As the gnawing to reconnect to my marketing roots grew to seismic proportions, I re-acquainted myself with a Twitter that I had left previously as being too random – too hit & miss – too slam bam.  I found new life (!!!)  in Twitter as a marketing tool and, as I continue to sort through a new language of hashtags, @mentions, and link shorteners that make Twittering and being Twittered so interesting and engagingly entertaining, I find myself agog at what lies ahead… and smiling.
Blog.  Blogfrog.
Digg this?
Ping that?
I’m like a kid in a candy store, hooked on Hershey bars and excitedly surrounded by… a plethora of new treats to taste and savor and digest.  I love candy stores.  And I think I’m going to enjoy what I find ahead in this candy store of sorts – a whole new realm of marketing – a Social Media adventure.