Sunday, May 19, 2013

Comfortable or confident - where will you spend your day?

Comfortable. That's how I like my weekend. Happily going through a list of to-do's without the schedule of a normal weekday workday.

Comfortable. What if every day was calm, quiet, serene, relatively stress-free? Maybe that's retirement holds, but am I ready... or do I even want that? I'm not totally convinced the majority of people who retire sincerely want to be... comfortable.

Comfortable.... or confident? Would I rather live a blase life... or a determined one? Would I prefer to float through life - or determinedly breast stroke?

Do I want my days to be relatively meaningless - or meaningful? Do I want to accomplish the mundane - or the amazing? Do I want dinner conversation to be tolerable - or terrific?

Comfortable days come few and far between, and are meant to be enjoyed as relaxation, refreshment and renewal. Perhaps the majority of life is meant to be LIVED and pursued as productive, proactive, and invigorating?

As I'm writing a lot of content right now - for a lot of other people - it amazes me that months can go by without my taking time to put my fingers on my keyboard in my own realm. There are times I wish for nothing to be on my planner, no one to be waiting for me, and time to be on my side. But, after one comfortable day, I still prefer to be occupied with a few too many things to do rather than have too much time on my hands.

I woke up comfortable. Tomorrow? Where will confidence take me to deal with the challenges of the moment and more that pop out of nowhere as the day unfolds? To exciting new realms, I'm sure. 

July 5, 2013 - UPDATE: Apparently this is a theme, as reported in today's edition of Fast Company: