Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Layoff

I've been laid off.
Four words that create a huge impact. You hear about layoffs on the news, in the grocery line and in conjunction with industry closures. "Layoff" is such a commonly-used word that it's pretty much part of everyday language.

I feel badly for others when they say those words. I do. I hurt for them.

But now... I will feel pain for them.

My life has changed because those four words hit home - literally.

I feel different - much different - since the moment those words came from someone I love... and live with.

Those words hold a whole new meaning at our house since the afternoon the phone call came with my husband's voice saying those words: "It's just what we thought. We've been laid off."

No. It's not "they" who were laid off this time. WE've been laid off.

Our home will never be the same.

Emotions continue to run rampant as we lay out strategy - tactics - people to see - places to go in dealing with this. Now our lives are focused in a new realm: the job search. Unemployment - and a job search.

Underlying anger. Disdain for a company that let hundreds of people just go after years of committed dedication. Fierce determination that this will not get us down - that the new purpose is just around the corner.

Fear. Uncertainty. Frustration.

HOPE. FAITH. Underlying joy that we are not in control. Almighty God is. He knows what's ahead in our own "parade" route of living.

This is not just about a job. It's about a LIFE. It's about dignity - purpose - being. It's about integrity. It's about commitment - and reward for such. Loyalty. Giving - and receiving.

It's about being the head of the home, the bread winner, the provider. Regardless of what I do as an employee, he is the one whose focus is his job. I have my home - family - roles as a woman.

He is a man, and his resume has an end point. And we don't know when or if it will have a continuance.

His definition is now redefined. He will be unemployed.

Here's looking forward to the hope that lies in the days ahead, as his purpose becomes redefined and his life takes new meaning.

Whatever that looks like.

#TBD #ToBeContinued