Thursday, December 20, 2012

Musings on year-end

In honor of a 2013 New Year's resolution...
> "Publish my personal blog at least once/month."
Because it sure didn't happen in 2012 - "too busy" blogging for others. 
So I lost a little of my personal self that I need to will reclaim in 2013.
And with respect for the fact that this WAS written 12/20/12 and left in Draft mode as my brain recovered from a 24-hour hug-the-porcelain-throne bug...

I bring to you... my last blog post for 2012. Back-dated.To end the year and start fresh.
Let's make this goal a reality this year.

I am about to share something online that I have never shared before - ever.

Is it because I'm ashamed of a fact? Absolutely not. 
Is it because it's something to hide? Sort of. 

In a culture focused on youth and beauty - externals - it's a tough compete when you have 'matured'... But, like fine wine, what should transpire is the 'best is yet to come' the longer it stays around. At least internally. At least that's the way it should be. 

So if you're going to downslide externally, at least aim for an internal uptick, right? ;)

That's an ongoing personal goal. And it continues to be a work in process. And a work in progress. And it's an ongoing goal...

Time. It should bring: maturity, knowledge, a broader view of the world around you. 
But it also gives a perception of slowing down, not open to new ideas...
And an inflexible unadaptability. I don't want that personally. I've seen the consequences.


Here it is and here we go...

Yes. I am. Over 55. I hope my employer takes advantage of all available tax credits.
Whew. That feels better.

And, as a bonus...
I also don't wish the 24-hour flu bug on anyone. It creates anti-lucidity that promotes strange blog post ideas, which the DELETE key is created for. The one good that comes out of it is the THANKFUL that comes the next day when you realize that you didn't die as you thought you were going to the day before. Seriously.