Thursday, February 21, 2013

Speed bumps...

The speed bumps of life.

They can come out of nowhere and lurch you tremendously - if you're not careful...

Sometimes we see them coming as a bump, rising in front of us as we go down the path of life. We can prepare - slow down - take action - skirt around it. Even if we hit it, we can deal with the damage because we've prepared - at least a little.

The surprise speed bumps are the hardest, because they hit without warning: *BAM!* Then we have to regroup and recover, and the damage can be pretty extensive, both inside and out.

Even the speed bumps of life that we see coming affect us, and can affect us significantly IF we don't handle them well. Remember - they happen. We all hit them. All of us. So...

Here are 3 steps to consider moving through before you have time to build up emotions that can lead to negative consequences:
#1 STOP. You've hit a speed bump. Don't make the damage worse until you assess what is going on. 
#2 BREATHE. Inhale. Exhale. Remind yourself: I can deal with this. I will deal with this. I've dealt with speed bumps before and I will deal with this too. I can't stop the fact that it happened. I CAN and WILL deal with it appropriately.
#3 COUNT. Count to 10 if you're angry or upset. Count your blessings if you're hurt or disappointed. Either way: Are you breathing? One. Can you see? Two. Can you get up out of your seat? Three. You're alive, breathing, seeing, and able to move. That's so much more effective than the alternative. Is there at least one person you can lean on? Four - or even more as you think of those people who are there for you no matter what. You need them now. Then literally thank God for each of your blessings. He is the one who blesses with blessings - acknowledge that. Remember... He is in control. He really is! Remind yourself that He knows the beginning and end of all things and this is part of His plan. You will be better for this experience - you really will - as you deal with the consequences of this speed bump.
Okay. You've assessed the challenge. The speed bump was hit. You have the ability and self-confidence to deal with it. The sun WILL come out tomorrow - or the next day.



Look for ways that you can learn from this challenge - and help others through a similar situation. Make the intentional decision that you will grow and come out better from this experience. Be strong and help others who may be affected. Be the one that is going to MAKE IT and MAKE IT STRONG.

Always... put facts behind and before the challenge. What happened? What is happening? What steps do I need to take? And, above all, bury emotions. Trust God. Breathe. Smile. And watch for the sun as it returns to the sky in your life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time can change anything

Once in a while my eyes land on an article that makes me stop right in my tracks, put everything aside, and think.

Many articles I read are really informative and enlightening. Many grow my knowledge base and horizons a bit larger and stretch my world a little fuller.

This one just made me think. Think about where I am, where I'm going, and what my impact is. This one made me think about my LIFE. My life right now. My life as I exit my youth and enter the realm of the mature.

"You only get one chance. Make sure you LIVE."

It's time to ask yourself some questions:

Do it while you have time to change the answers.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Silence

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10.


Can you hear.... the silence?

In today's culture the sounds of silence have been replaced by every imaginable sound: music, talking, streaming video from smart phones, tablets, computers and big-screen tvs. There is nowhere you need to be without your podcasts, playlists, or music to live by.


Stop. Move away from the speakers. Turn off the volume. 

Take some time for peace... and quiet... today. You may be surprised at what you can hear in the silence..