Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confessions of a left-behind marketer...

Hello world!

Well, here I am.  Brave… in a new world.  A historical marketer in a whole new marketing realm – Social Media marketing.  I went to sleep in a field of poppies when I stepped away from my marketing life a few years ago, and now I find myself awake – at the gate to a Land of Oz.  It’s not that the whole realm of Social Media is totally foreign.  Oh no.  While living in the non-profit world during the past few years, administrating books, finances, risks, and systems, FaceBook has been my warm-and-fuzzy connective blanket to friends near and far.  LinkedIn became a place for me to stay connected to professionalism as I knew it – with people I could engage with on a higher business level.  As the gnawing to reconnect to my marketing roots grew to seismic proportions, I re-acquainted myself with a Twitter that I had left previously as being too random – too hit & miss – too slam bam.  I found new life (!!!)  in Twitter as a marketing tool and, as I continue to sort through a new language of hashtags, @mentions, and link shorteners that make Twittering and being Twittered so interesting and engagingly entertaining, I find myself agog at what lies ahead… and smiling.
Blog.  Blogfrog.
Digg this?
Ping that?
I’m like a kid in a candy store, hooked on Hershey bars and excitedly surrounded by… a plethora of new treats to taste and savor and digest.  I love candy stores.  And I think I’m going to enjoy what I find ahead in this candy store of sorts – a whole new realm of marketing – a Social Media adventure.

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