Saturday, April 28, 2012


Style is a way to tell the world who you are without having to speak.

I just saw that on Twitter and I stopped.

In a world where acceptance is sometimes far more important than uniqueness, style can get lost in a maze of becoming someone else's expectations - and then some.

Nope. Style means I am unlike anyone else. I - am - UNIQUE. Style means I can like and accept myself - and my style - more than I like and accept the concept of looking like someone else. Finding that style can be a fumbling game at best at times, but being comfortable in your own skin is far more comfortable than wearing someone else's.

I've discovered that with shoes. No high heels - no chunky, clunky for looks sake for my feet. That style means OUCH for me - not my style. I found an awesome pair of solid leather black flats that will probably outlast me, they're made so well. And the instant I put them on - ahhhhhhh..... comfort. My style. Not showy. Not flashy. No glim glam flash for my feet. Quality. Comfort. Classic. Functional. Healthy. Yup - now I'm bulleting out... my style.

No one else like me... And I'm going to be comfortable with that.

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