Saturday, September 22, 2012

The C for my wrist

I love surprises... don't you?
The nicest surprises are the total surprises: unanticipated, unawaited, unexpected - totally surprise surprises. A few weeks ago I got one - so nice! Someone close to me received a silver-snap Chamilia bracelet as part of an event and... she gave it to me.
She asked if I had one...
No, I've never spent the money for beads to get a free bracelet. 
Here - you can have this.

For me?

I don't think I said that. It was one of those speechless moments, when the heart overwhelms the mind's ability to remain calm, cool, and collected enough to offer fitting words of gracious thankfulness. I don't know that she realized how special that moment was to me. I know she couldn't understand the roots it tore up of overwhelming appreciation. I still carry the baggage of having so little as a young person that a silver-snap bracelet coming as a gift was not taken lightly, but with deep gratitude and sentiment for the gift - and its giver.

I'd keep it plain - no beads - simple - like me - but that's not the common style of the bracelet. The style for these bracelets is to carry charms of life's significance for the owner and wearer. That took some thought.

It's a Chamilia bracelet, so the quality clasp bears a bold letter "C". I made my gift of the C bracelet complete on my birthday, in a way that reflects my own style and inner motivation for life, to wear on my wrist as a reflection of... me. I took a coupon good for 30% off anything at a local big box store and got $10 off every $50 I purchased. In that way, my bracelet also reflected my inward sense of frugality, functionality, and financial focus. My Daddy would have been so proud of me.

The main charm is a simple circle of hearts, which reminds me of all those around the world that Jesus came and died for - to redeem to Himself. He loves the world; I need to do likewise. The two plain silver charms on either side of the main charm are for my hubby and I. God is our Source and our Strength for everything and we stay united through His love. Two stopper charms hold these charms in place - together we live our lives for His glory through His grace and His love, and our lives are held His place by His Almighty arms.

My bracelet reflects the Cs that are important to me and, as almost anyone who knows me can probably tell you, I enjoy words - and my C bracelet reminds me of words that are meaningful to me. My C reminds me of my favorite Cat Carlo - a very faithful friend and furry Companion. My C stands for Character, for Commitment, for Courage, for Caring. My C stands for Communicate, for Create and for Curious, Challenge and Compassion, Credibility and Courtesy, Connected, Confident, Consistent, and Competent. I am a person of Conviction and... above all...

I am a C...
I am a C-H...
I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N.

And I wear that with humble pride, realizing that this oxymoron also has great meaning in my life. I am thankful for all the blessings that my Heavenly Father graciously gives, sometimes from the hands of someone who has no idea what she is doing to impact the world around her with her wonderful surprises.

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