Saturday, January 19, 2013

"...The Good Ol' Days?" A published personal perspective...

“In the good old days…”

We were out of touch.

Face it: We…
> Wrote letters – maybe.
> Made phone calls – maybe.
> Made appointments to connect in person – maybe…
Or tried to.
We trusted our morning paper and our television to keep us in touch with the world and – even as news broke –it was already old.
In the time it took to…
> Go to the store and buy film for our camera,
> Take pictures,
> Use up the roll of film,
> Wind it up in our camera and drop it off at the store,
> Get it back a week later,
We lost weeks of time and our kids grew two inches.
By the time you…
> Got the brainstorm to write that long overdue letter,
> Bought stamps,
> Found paper, pen, and an envelope,
> Wrote the letter,
> Sealed it up and found a mailbox,
> Heard about its arrival a week later,
You, as the letter-writer, not only forgot what you wrote, you moved past the highlights of the letter and were entrenched in a lot of other new and exciting events and happenings.
And you needed to repeat the whole process. AGAIN.
> We get the idea,
> Brainstorm the idea,
> Fine-tune the idea,
> Implement the idea,
Then go on to the next idea with as many people as we can think of, as quickly as we can move our fingers. Instantaneously!  As part of our daily life.
As fast as you can grab your smartphone, tablet or other techno-device, you can release your ideas-thoughts-opinions-solutions, building relationships and generating much more of the same as you simultaneously and instantaneously breathe…
> With spelling and grammar check,
> With enhancements,
And create a beautifully-finished product that is signed-sealed-delivered-received NOW.
DONE. And you still have a LOT more hours of sunshine left in your day for MORE! :-)
Now we can be found, be social, and be useful while we breathe and live life, because
> Relationships are PART of life, and
> Relationships ARE life.
And now we can enjoy a much fuller and deeper life because of the instantaneous way we can enjoy our relationships throughout our life.  All because of social media.
Have a thought?
> Share it!
Have an idea?
> Pursue it!
Have a question?
> Answer it!

Want to stay in touch?
Facebook it!
Want to be in the know and stay in the know with the latest and greatest trends, news, and ideas?
Tweet it!
Want to network and share professional discussions with colleagues?
> Get LinkedIn with your network!
Want to share expertise in an engaging visual format?
YouTube it!

So for the hour that you just spent online, what did you accomplish?
A lot more than…

“In the good old days…”

~ Sandy
Sandy is the Internet Marketing Management Director for Now Marketing Group, where we enable your organization to ‘be found, be social and be useful’ through online relationship marketing. While yes – it’s true!! – she’s lived through some “good old days”, she definitely enjoys the advantages of the “here and now” so much more.
Think Social Media is just for teenagers? Sandy’s still a teenager.. with a lot of years of experience!

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