Saturday, April 20, 2013

The truth? I'm slowly being poisoned...

And you may be too. Check your kitchen. Your poison may be waiting in the cupboards and refrigerator.

Do you ever have muscle aches for no real reason? Do your joints swell at times, for no reason? Do you feel trashed sometimes, have brain fog and at other times feel really good? You may be getting poisoned without your permission.

I was.

If you ever experience...
Achy muscles, joints, brain fog, and just plain feeling trashed for no REAL reason, there may be a very real reason lurking in your food. MSG seems to be everywhere in processed food and, although we think Chinese when we think MSG, you may be surprised where it's hidden. One day the joints in my foot were achy and crampy and it dawned on me that I was snacking on probably a little too much junky-crunchy snack food the day before that was FULL of MSG. When you have a few minutes, read through this profound article and consider just saying NO to what may be causing your body to rebel against itself:

I always suggest that you seek medical attention if symptoms warrant. I did. Blood testing showed MSG senisitivity and I take natural supplemnents - and drink lots of filtered water - to counteract what my be snaeaking into my body through my food. 

If you seek medical attention for symptoms as I had and they find nothing or WORSE - try to tell you it's purely situational ("You're getting old") - consider reading your food labels and creating a journal of what you eat. Your body may THANK YOU if... you're slowly being poisoned...

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