Saturday, April 2, 2011

The end... and the beginning... Saturday ponderings of life ...

This morning I woke up to my cat’s backside in my face. 
Happy Saturday!
This is the side I’ve always adored.  
His face.  
His beautiful fuzzy face.

For those who don’t like cats, insert your own face of love – your pet, your friend, your spouse, your child - and consider a time that – together – you faced a challenge, were able to overcome it, and grew closer through it.  

Was there a time you almost lost that special face in your life… forever? 

I’ve gotten to love his walk-away.  My cat’s backside is now a special place to me.  I spent most of February with a cat that repeatedly blocked so he could not pee.  Ouch...  It started one Wednesday morning when he wandered through the house, crying and squatting and pretty much pointing to his crotch as if to say HELP!!!  We made a beeline to the vet, he was cleaned out and came home – and blocked again.  We did this frustrating roto-rooter adventure several times within a couple of weeks.  Over and over the decision back-handed me: Is it time to release this cat from suffering and let him go or is there a chance – a hope – a way to get through and over this?  Is it time to say goodbye... or...

We came to a fork in the road and took the big risk: surgery.   After having his “exit ramp” opened and two weeks of fairly intense recovery (during which he was nick-named Franken-butt because his shaved back end was a nasty mass of stitches), healing has come and his pee flows freely into the litter box again.  Yay!  Pee!  The stitches are now gone, peachfuzz has covered the former blaze of white skin, and we have our furry friend back: healthy. 

I smile...  There could've been a different start to my morning.  I could've woke up quietly - alone.  Instead, the backside was there - in my face - to begin my day.

As I consider my awakening moment earlier today, I am reminded that sometimes taking a risk that’s planted in love and hope can truly result in far better pleasures of life, even in the form of a fuzzy friend’s back end in my face.  It really was a wonderful way to start the morning. :)

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