Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes the good isn't always the best...

I live life in a constant state of re-focus. The barrage of new techno-tools and info-sources makes every day an absolutely exciting day to pick up new ideas - new apps - new icons - new sites to see. The laptop screen in front of me looks NOTHING like it did a few short months ago (I thank you, Chrome!) and multi-tasking has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to wonderful info-tools such as RSS feedsHootSuite - and so many more.

New day? O-kay! What new cyberplace will I discover today, and how will affect my world?

Life isn't static  It dynamically shifts - evolves - changes - and I move with it. There are so many constantly new ways of doing life, and doing it well. 
So many new things to learn!
So many new things to adapt to and adopt.
So many things that I already have responsibility for…

The consequence?
I face an incessantly beleaguering battle for balance
in being effective vs. being efficient;
getting it all done well vs. trying to do it all - quickly.
There's something about trying to bolt through everything, and accomplishing...
not so much, very well…
that fries my brain and makes me recoil inside,
much like experiencing fingernails running down an old chalkboard.  

It IS a battle. I enjoy being busy. My mind joyfully fills and flies, skipping happily forward, but it sometimes gets to be like too much water continuing to pour into an already-filled bathtub.   There’s a point where too much of a good thing is just that: too much.

A wise man once singled me out from within an audience to say: This is for you, because I know how much you like quotes...
‘Sometimes the good isn’t always the best.'
Thank you, wise one.

I'm also a focused person. I want to do, what I do, well. I love projects. I enjoy learning new things - new ways - innovating.  I love to explore – to go into new realms that stretch and challenge me.  I also aim for quality results. I have a passion for excellence. I focus on the bull’s-eye of creating “outstanding” when it seems that so many around me are content to aim for the target, an entire shooting range, even the entire planet and beyond. When I get sucked into the realm of meeting a plethora of multi-faceted expectations from the world around me, with a personal desire to fulfill them according to my standards, a huge disconnect begins to emerge. Sanity is a terrible thing to waste...  When I get too close to exploding from within because of too many expectations erupting from too many directions way too fast with too many deadlines to deal with, I have to...
I can't do everything, so where do I focus?  

What are my passions?  
What do I do I do well?
What can really I sink my teeth into – with glee?
What do I like to pick up & run with?

What fulfils me? 
What gets me up in the morning - smiling?
What is my purpose in and for life?
What do I grow and thrive on?

What are my short- and long-term goals?

What responsibilities am I already accountable for that I need to do well?

What things am I doing - am I not doing - that are part of the above? 
What things are not part of the above, yet lie piled in front of me?

What is sucking energy from me instead of filling me with energy?

When I feel more sucked than energized, I ask those questions. It’s the time to weed the dandelions out from my own garden of life:
the time-suckers
and pursue the beautiful flowers that want to bloom brightly:
the energizers.  
It’s time to stop and smell the roses, clear out my brain, and refocus. It’s time to rejuice, rejoice and refill the life-tank.

As I weed out the time-chokers that sometimes run amuck in my realm, I have to put on my determined face and resist any urge to justify – defend – apologize. Yes, I’m sure you may think this IS the best. While it may be good, it's really not for my best. I am solely accountable for my own sanity. No one else is.  

Refocus. Regroup.
Just do it.

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