Friday, April 1, 2011

So let's see how many dumb things I can do...

...before I get it right!

Ahhhh - I know.... life!  *ARGH!*

Discovering new Social Media tools is exciting, and learning to use them, one by one, is... *HUMBLING*...  

Do I hear a "*DOH!!*" echoing out there in cyberspace? 

How *HISS!!* frustrating it was to post a tweet, just to see it pop up as my LinkedIn statement - again - and again - and not know HOW to stop it!!  WRONG AUDIENCE!!!  *STOP!!!*

While this adventure into new horizons of Social Media is laden with potholes, speed bumps and land mines just waiting to explode, it's worth the hazards of the journey.  Fortunately, once they're hit and you figure out how to dodge them the next time, the trip gets more exciting - more scenic - and more enjoyable. J


  1. Is this really Sandy? I'm confuzzled. Why does it say 'j' on the end? And why doesn't apple see a problem with 'does' being misspelled as 'dies'?

  2. lolol... Who else would *HISS!!* in the middle of a blog? ;)

    "J" is supposed to be a smiley face. *fail!*

    Where do you see "dies"->"does"? lol... *fail!*

    *argh*... :)